The Frontera Fund Is Fighting For The DACA Program

DACA is an abbreviation for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This program provides youths without documentation protection from deportation provided they meet the prerequisites. They give these youths a social security number and the ability to work in the United States for a two year renewable period. The majority of states allow them access to the fees for in state tuition and the acquisition of a drivers license. The problem is the GOP has extremist members who are launching attacks against this program. The news is alarming and has been received by the networks and organizations of these young immigrants.


A letter was sent to the Trump administration by the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton. He wants them to stop the DACA program by no later than September 5th. He stated if his demands were not met legal action would be taken. The action will phase out the program rather than an abrupt termination. This means the applications will no longer be under consideration and the renewals will stop. This letter contained the names of one governor and nine attorney generals in agreement.


The circumstances led to a meeting of the Hispanic Caucus. John Kelly attended as the Secretary for Homeland Security. He confirmed the 800,000 people protected by DACA are now in jeopardy. He said his communication was due to the legal cases that were already challenging the DACA program. The alarm was sounded weeks ago but the announcement made by John Kelly was considered extremely worrisome.


The DACA program has been operating smoothly for five years. There is no doubt the United States has received benefits from the program. Of all the DACA beneficiaries, 95 percent either study, work or do both. Millions of dollars have been contributed by these individuals to universities and colleges all over the nation. They pay their taxes and have increased their earnings. DACA is responsible for the economic gains made by these youths. They have furthered their educations, bought vehicles and homes and created new businesses.


There are a lot of studies that show the DACA program is a success. The Allies are alarmed and the DREAMers are scared. Panic must be avoided as efforts are made to eliminate DACA. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is offering to provide guidance, assistance and information to help preserve DACA while looking for a permanent solution. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin founded the Frontera Fund with a $3.75 million settlement they received from Maricopa County after being falsely arrested by the corrupt sheriff. Joe Arpaio led a reign of terror in the county focused on the Mexican immigrants. The Frontera Fund supports these individuals civil rights and helps them live a better life.

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