Securus Technologies Excellent Products and Services As Well As The Award-Winning Customer Service

One of the biggest threats that the prison industry has been fighting against is the drones. Drones, a leading technology that has been widely used in many industries such as marketing, surveillance and others are becoming more than just a toy-like device as they can be threats to other prisoners and the community around it too. Criminals are using them to have illegal things such as drugs and cell phones smuggled inside the prisons. While there are many technology companies in the prison industry, none of them other than Securus Technologies have thought about ways to stop its usage from growing. For many years, most of the correctional officers are shooting down the drones that they can see hovering above their prison premises. But, many get away as many drones are flying over the prison at night when they are invisible to the naked eye.


Securus Technology is a leading technology company that has been working on drone detection technology for the last year and a half. The company has developed a system which is similar to their wireless containment system, but it can detect the signals that are coming from the drone and one can quickly pick the location of the drone and disarm it before it enters the premises. Such technology would ease the workload on the correctional officers, who are working day and night to keep the correctional facilities safe and secure. Without the use of advanced technology, it would be difficult to get rid of the drones or the contraband items from the correctional facilities. Securus Technologies is credited with the development of many new and advanced technologies over the years, and drone detection and wireless containment solutions are the latest additions to its long list of services it provides.


The use of innovative technology in the correctional sphere is necessary as the criminals are also adapting to using the advanced technologies to carry out crimes. If the law enforcement agencies do not use the advanced technology, it would be difficult for the law enforcement officers to arrest the criminals and keep the crime rate low if they do not have the advanced investigative technology at their disposal. Securus Technologies has made tremendous progress in the last few years, and it is not only in the sphere of researching and developing new technologies but also in ensuring that the company provides excellent customer care services.


The customer service of Securus Technologies is outstanding, and it can be seen from the fact that it has won three Gold Stevie Awards in the current year. Winning the customer service award is a significant achievement because it is a highly crowded category with companies from across the globe participating in it.



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