Fighting for the Johnson Amendment: End Citizens United Offers to Protect the Legislation

The President of the United States recently signed an order that is believed to contravene the Johnson Amendment. The Amendment prohibits organizations such as the churches from getting involved in political campaigns in America. This means that churches and organizations alike cannot endorse or oppose a given candidate. August 30th saw End Citizens United (ECU) publicly declare its opposition to the state law legislation.

According to ECU, this administrative order strips away the fundamental rights offered by the Johnson Amendment. Introduced by former Senator and President, Lyndon Johnson, the Amendment was enacted in 1954, and for a number of years, the legislation has stirred excitement in the political realms. In the past, the Johnson Amendment was regarded a non-issue. Churches and organizations alike saw the Amendment as a way to separate their activities from those of the state.

Nonetheless, the law did not forbid them from weighing their political standing. If the Johnson Amendment got stripped of the executive power, Americans will see donors pumping money to the churches and no one will tell if the funds are meant to help the church or they meant for political drives. ECU has sworn to protect the Amendment and they are taking steps to ensure that the Johnson legislation is not stripped off its mandate and power.

About ECU

End Citizen United is an American-based Political Action Committee. The organization was established in 2015 and has its headquarters in Washington, DC. Currently, ECU is headed is by Tiffany Muller, who is the President. They have been fighting the big-money in the political fields and are working hard to reverse the verdict made by the Supreme Court in 2010. The judgment saw the deregulation of the spending limits by independent groups, against or in support of specific political candidates.

On the political realms, ECU has endorsed a number of Democratic candidates. They include Hillary Clinton, Zephyr Teachout, Bato O’Rourke, Jon Ossof, Russ Feingold, and Elizabeth Warren. In 2016, ECU helped elect Catherine Cortez and Maggie Hassan to the Senate. It’s estimated that ECU spent $4.4 million in 2016 for the Senate candidates. They enjoy a firm social media following, and are hoping to raise about $35 million to be used in next year’s election cycle.


Overall, End Citizen United is focused on protecting the Johnson Amendment. They are taking legal steps in ensuring that the legislation is equally influential as the time it was endorsed. They are betting on social media and other dedicated public avenues to safeguard the amendment and see through a successful election cycle in 2018. Read more about End Citizens United on Wikipedia.


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