The Importance of the Johnson Amendent for US Politics

Over the past months, Trump’s government has been working steadily towards stripping the sector of finance bare of some of the most fundamental laws on the books. Money in politics is the driving force of this government as it’s billionaire leader has made clear by attacking the Jonson Amendment which is the next target on the list. Read more on to know more.

The Johnson Amendment is vital for the United States now more than ever as politics are plagued by monetary objectives. Big Money is a problem that has been present for a long time, but since the change of presidency, it is almost as bad as it gets. Lately, it’s been growing far worse. The Johnson Amendment strictly forbids participation in political campaigns to 501(c)(3) organizations such as churches both directly and indirectly. Churches are banned from donating to the political campaign of any candidate.

Trump and his men are working towards getting rid of the Amendment which will crush the tiny bit of honesty left in US politics, and it will allow the church to have the same influence in politics as it did in medieval times. The Johnson Amendment is the most crucial protection the US has separate politics and religion as institutions and to prevent politicians and churches from turning to corruption and greed. Trump has taken the decision to remove that barrier which speaks volumes about his intentions.

Fortunately for the US, there are a number of institutions, experts, and political groups that are in opposition to such rash and shady actions. One of them has been the political action group End Citizens United, which published a press release at the end of August actively opposing the actions undertaken.

In the press release the President of End Citizens United Tiffany Muller. She made clear what the results of removing the Johnson Amendment would be turning churches into tools for politicians to get more money into their campaigns and in their own pockets. Not only that but the money funneled from religious groups will be written off as tax-free and the people donating to those churches will also receive tax deductions.

The Johnson Amendment need to remain intact as it also puts churches in danger of having politicians milking them for money along with the people visiting the church on a regular basis. The removal of Johnson Amendment will give rise to corruption in politics, churches, and it will also reach citizens across the nation.

The Johnson Amendment has been one of the regulation in the US Constitution that has been maintaining somewhat of an honesty in politics. Trump wants to get rid of all that and unless the citizens of the US and institutions fight against it, corruption will rule over the country even more. Learn more:



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  • Marlee Aryan

    I don’t think that he is going to have his way with the Johnson’s amendment because I believe in the American people they will surely speak out against bad policies. Though he might not want to look at write my case study I still believe that it will be dragged to his attention. Going through most of the policies that he has abolished and those that he has introduced makes me think he was never the best pick for the American people which is really not good.