How Securus Technology Is Making Life in North America Easier

Long gone are the days when inmates had to face harsh conditions in the name of reforming. Laws are being passed to make the necessary changes in a bid to improve their lives and one of the firms that have been at the forefront when making these improvements a reality are none other than Securus Technology.

Founded in 1986 Securus Technology concerns itself with innovating both civil and criminal justice technology. That way, it would be a tad easier for both inmates as well as public servants to not only work optimally and comfortably but at the same time stay as safe as possible.

Some of the services that Securus Technology concerns itself with includes email services, money transfer services, jail voicemail, phone services as well as video services. And the fact that they get to do their jobs so well has made sure that they are not only retaining clients but also gaining new ones.

The only way that Securus Technology manages all the above is by having a team of close to 5,000 employees including smart thinker, designers, and engineers. These brilliant employees who bring up ideas and find a way of turning them into a reality which is always an additional advantage since everyone benefits. For instance, Securus Technology has come up with a better system that allows for inmates to video chat their families.

The same calling system allows for them to leave messages and receive callbacks. As a result of that, they have managed to keep in touch and be a part of their families. To date, Securus technology firm has managed to serve well over 3,400 public safety, correctional agencies and law enforcement offices.

Over 1.2 million inmates across the United States of America have benefited from the services of Securus Technology, and the number keeps on growing.

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