Whitney Wolfe Welcomes Dates Into Bumble’s Physical Location In New York City

Whitney Wolfe is a prominent figure in the mobile application and social network circles. Her reputation stems from being the chief executive officer and founder of Bumble.

Additionally, Whitney Wolfe is known for co-founding Tinder in 2012 and being part of the marketing team that propelled the application into a viral sensation. Recently, she led Bumble into launching a pop-up venue or location in New York City known as the Hive.

The Hive is designed to be a space where Bumble fans or other people can hang out while soaking in the Bumble brand. The creation of the physical space marks Bumble’s first effort to formalize the group or community that has naturally associated or formed around the brand. Although some dating applications are until now considered taboo, Whitney Wolfe asserted that Bumble’s brand goes beyond just dating. She stressed her remarks by stating the brand is a platform that users are proud to associate themselves with, even if they are not using the dating app for dating purposes.

Bumble’s recent endeavor resonates well with its plans to expand on BumbleBizz. This expansion is the startup’s endeavor to aid users with social and professional networking coupled with retaining users whose aim may not be necessarily be dating. The Hive will be open for friends and couples to meet up during the week. Additionally, it will host a series of events geared towards female entrepreneurship, relationships and more.

About Bumble BFF

Launched in 2016 by Whitney Wolfe and her team, Bumbleprides itself on being the ideal platform for meeting a new wing woman, a partner in crime, workout partner, a best friend among other things. The creation of Bumble BFF is owed to the request made by the app’s users to retain the application even after they were in a relationship since they had made new friends on Bumble. The endeavor was also triggered by several requests for a feature that could find new friends from users who were on vacations or in new cities. Additionally, the creation of BFF was exciting for Bumble since the expansion of the app’s use reflects Bumble as an all-compassing tool to people’s lifestyle and communication.

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