End Citizens United: Towards Campaign Finance Reforms

The 2010 Supreme Court ruling in favor of Citizens United, which allowed big businesses to finance political campaigns, has generated a lot of criticisms from different quarters. There are increasing calls for constitutional amendments to overturn the ruling that opened the campaign financial gates to large corporations to flex their financial muscles through super PACs. End Citizens United is one such organization, which has added their dissenting voice to the ruling. Following its launch in early August 2016, the organization announced a raft of measures and key success indicators that will ensure that it plays a significant role in the 2016 elections. The organization has approached its objective of overturning the Supreme Court ruling by calling for more citizens to sign their petition. With over 350,000 already appending their signatures to petition, End Citizens United hopes many people will sign the petition and the Congress will take notice. Additionally, the organization is raising funds to put up ads to highlight their cause. So far, it has received over $2 million dollars.


With a projected campaign funds donation of up to $30 millions, End Citizens United is progressively building a war chest that it hopes to use in helping elect political leaders committed to reforming campaign finance laws. These candidates include Hillary Clinton and Sen. Russ Feingold who were Democratic Party’s candidates for the presidency and the Wisconsin Senatorial seats. The organization hopes that the newly announced financial reforms will ensure that it buys campaign ads spaces on the local media to push for their causes and candidates that support them in the elections.


2018 Congressional Midterm Elections Game Plan


In preparations for the upcoming 2018 Congressional midterm elections, End Citizens United announced that it has raised $4 million out of the projected $35 million for the first quarter of 2017. Tiffany Muller who serves as the organization’s president and executive director noted that the funds will be used to put up campaign ads for the candidates they support the upcoming elections. The $4 million received by the organization were donations from 40,000 new donors and 60,000 repeat donors. The milestone marks a significant step towards the PAC’s drive towards pushing for political campaign financing reforms, which it supported during the 2016 campaigns with a $25 million war chest. These are remarkable achievements considering that the PAC does not accept donations exceeding $5,000.


End Citizens United’s grass root activism has already seen the company support various Democrats vying for various positions in special elections. These candidates such as Jon Ossoff share in the organization’s belief of ending the influence big businesses have on American politics through their big bucks. While it has endorsed a few candidates in the upconming elections, Tiffany Muller asserted that the full list of candidates the organization will support will be decided in 2018.

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