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Born in Hungary in August 1930, George Soros fled the country because of the Nazi regime. He fled to England where he enrolled in the London School of Economics. Earlier on in his life, he worked as a railway porter and a waiter before beginning a career in finance at a merchant bank. According to Forbes, Soros moved to New York where he started his career on Wall Street. In 1969, with just $12 million he started a hedge fund; he renamed the firm to Quantum Fund.

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Currently, he runs his company, a hedge firm, known as the Soros Fund Management. It is through this firm that Soros has managed to have an influence on Wall Street. The firm has about $30 billion in assets. He brought in Dawn Fitzpatrick into the company. Fitzpatrick is one of the highly recognized women in finance. Her responsibility is managing his portfolio in a position of chief investment officer. Since 2000 Fitzpatrick is the seventh CIO to run Soros Fund Management. Apart from the investment, Soros supports liberal courses.

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For this reason, George Soros returned to the political scene. His previous work in politics included proving financial support to the Democratic Party candidate John Kerry in 2004 to defeat George W. Bush. In the 2016 elections, he was the leading funder of the Democratic politics. He gave a boost to the Hilary Clinton candidacy and other Democratic causes by donating more than $25 million. This is according to the Federal Election Commission reports and information obtained from his associates through the interview. As the Election Day came close, Soros was expected to give even more.

According to a close confidant of Soros, he seemed to be more interested in politics compared to the years before. They pointed out that it could be as a result of having faith in Clinton and apprehension of GOP candidate Donald Trump whom Soros accused of assisting the ISIS in spreading fear. However, according to Michael Vachon, Soros political advisor, George Soros felt that the stakes were exceptionally high even before Donald Trump was elected as the GOP candidates. This is because he felt that GOP political party policies were threatening the issues that he cared about and supported for years such as the immigration reforms, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reforms. Read more on BigThink about George Soros.

Soros’ main aim of giving a donation to the political causes is so as to influence liberal reforms. Also, Soros has donated more than $13 billion in past 30 years to nonprofits organization whose primary objective is to defend and promote human rights, enable access to education and health care in U.S and around the world.

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