Fabletics Takes On The Fashion World By Storm

Fabletics has been taking over the fashion industry by storm, providing women all over with affordable and extremely fashionable activewear. In an industry where Amazon usurps much of the market share, Fabletics has managed to stand out and make a name for itself in the sports and leisurewear market. The brand gives its customers access to the latest fashion trends in the sportswear category through its unique selling modules and membership programs.


When Kate Hudson established Fabletics, she gave the world access to the most recent fashion trends with extreme ease. Fabletics uses a unique model to sell its clothing to its customers. For starters, Fabletics is available to clients only through their online website. Customers can visit the site and get started on their journey to active wear which looks like it is straight out of a fashion show. When customers visit the site for the first time, they are given a prompt which asks the customer a simple few questions to better gauge what clothes would look best. It includes a few questions about the customer’s body type and preferred sports so that the clothes you receive will be best suited for your fitness regime of choice. Next, customers are given an option to choose a membership program.The site delivers the active wear to the customer’s doorstep every month, according to the plan they want. Be it a plan for one set of active wear per month, or a set of five, Fabletics makes sure that they deliver the best of sports and leisure wear fashion.


However, even Fabletics knew that there was still a certain segment of the market which is still adverse to the idea of online shopping. After various market researches, the company decided to implement a new innovative technique of selling their products, known as reverse showrooming. By this technique, Fabletics give their customers a chance to try on and look at the real clothes which are available on their website. However, unlike regular showrooms, the main aim of these stores is not to make the customer instantly buy their products, but instead, give their customers a chance to try out the clothes they would want to buy, and then go home and purchase the items at their pace. By doing this, Fabletics aims to recruit the segment of society that is still reserved about online shopping and works to helping these people trust Fabletics as a good brand which they can shop online from and be assured of quality clothing.


With these innovative market techniques, Kate Hudson has managed to expand Fabletics to the market leader it is today. Since its inception, the brand has only experienced an upward profit margin, which has helped the brand grow, especially in the number of physical showrooms they have. Today, Fabletics is a million dollar company, becoming a brand synonymous with active and leisure wear.

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